TETRAMEBA is a tool for peeling off the parting lines, unwanted parts on doll body. This tool can be applied for plastic dolls as well as big dolls. By rubbing this tool slightly on the doll body, you can peel off a big area on doll body. 

This tool is made of steel with the thick of 0,4mm which can peel off the doll surface easily. TETRAMEBA is designed to have 3 angles for peeling the convex, and 3 angles for peeling the concave. So this tool has a lot of functions.

This tool is made by hand of craftsman. He must insert a very tiny edge (1/100mm) into each angle of this tool. So you don’t need to strongly peel off the doll surface, what you need to do is slightly peel off and you can peel on a large area.


1) When peeling off the unwanted parts on doll surface, just rub on the surface toward a straight line.

Please peel not too deep each time, just peel slightly many times. Then, the unwanted parts will be removed.

2) Use the concave edge of the TETRAMEBA to rub the convex part of doll surface.

3) Finally, let you rub by sponge paper, paper to make the doll surface smooth.

(※ Do not strongly push this tool when peeling. Do careful not to peel too deep)


Store the product in the best condition.

Don’t use the product except for the purpose of manufacturing.

Keep away from the reach of children.
You can view how to using TETRAMEBA at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cQsPkQVF1rk
18 USD