<OUGI SAIGON Cycloid 22inch BJD Doll Set (Class-B)>

<OUGI SAIGON Cycloid 22inch BJD Doll Set (Class-B)>

The appearance of CYCLOID-Body

With a private patent, we are making dolls that are completely different from other dolls.

Our dolls are not mass products.

Japanese Doll Artist - KAI SAITO - himself has to use about 140 original parts and then connect them one by one together. For that reason, even only one doll can take him a lot of time. So it is impossible for us to make with a large quantity.



The dolls of our company are special at the point they do not have gap lines more than 1 millimeter on body and no straight lines can be seen on their body.

For that reason, you can find the natural features at them. So, their appearance looks like human. In addition, you can adjust many postures for them.


One set includes:

- The completed Doll body , Wig and Outfits set.

-You can choose 1 Dress ,1 shoes and 1 wig that you like ,from our web store - OUGI SAIGON.

 (About head dress are not included, because head dress is not our product.

  For taking photo, we borrow from other maker )

- Balloon Carry (Convenient carry by air).

- Repair for parts set (tools for repairing).


Ship-cost: at FREE

 - Vietnam Post Priority Airmail (1 to 2 weeks with tracking # & insurance)



About Body Proportion (Size)

You can choose 1 body you like.


(1) Medium breast & hip version

- Breast size 23.5cm (9.25inch)

- Waist size 16.8cm (6.61inch)

- Hip size 23cm (9.05inch)

- Height 56cm (22.05inch)


(2) Large breast & hip version

- Breast size 24cm (9.45inch)

- Waist size 16.3cm (6.42inch)

- Hip size 23.5cm (9.25inch)

- Height 56cm (22.05inch)


About Class-B Quality

After doll parts are made, we sort out only 10 % of them that have the best quality (Class-A).

We keep 40 % of doll parts that meet the standard (Class-B)

and remove 50 % that is under standard (Class-C).



All parts have been connected to be completed dolls and their surface is also smooth. So you don’t need to pay for erasing the parting lines on their body after buying.

We choose the good condition parts, but on the parting lines , white lines remained.

In case dolls are out of order or broken. Please send to us questions of how to prepare them. We will tell you the techniques for free. Also we will post the video of how to repair dolls on YouTube.

The tools and parts for repairing are also sold at our web store.



˜Product Details

- The appearance is of resin cast products.

- Ball joints are original polycarbonate.

- The Joints are connected with Acrylonitrile Rubber.

- With a unique Ball Joint System, we can make the dolls stand by themselves without the Stand despite their slim ankles.

- Toes, hands and face can be inserted and removed easily.

- Toes are made to be so flexible. Thumb and the other fingers of foot can also be mobile.

  So dolls can put on sandals, high heels and so on...

- For each joints, there are about 4 mobile points set inside, so we don’t see the joints from their appearance.

- Furthermore, our dolls are different from others because Joints of this doll are not sphere.

  For example: wrists are flat, ankles have diamond shape. So they look like human. 

1000 USD
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