CYCLOID Face -Class-A- No.005 (CY-009)

CYCLOID Face -Class-A- No.005 (CY-009)

 These items will be sold on October 31th this month at 10 PM (JST)


For the reason that the number of face and body are limited,

So we only sell face for customers who buy the body.


One set includes:

- Doll Face Class-A (front parts) only.

    (Back of head . Eyes and Inner Parts set are not included. Please buy them separately at different pages)


About Class-A Quality

After face parts are made, we sort out only 10 % of them that have the best quality (Class-A).

We keep 40 % of doll parts that meet the standard (Class-B) and remove 50 % that is under standard (Class-C).

 This year we plan to sell only 3 face. (Next year, more dolls will be sold following our plan).



We do not makeup, peel off parting lines and polish the surface. Please help yourself finish this work.

60 USD