CYCLOID Completed Face No.005 (CY-003)

CYCLOID Completed Face No.005 (CY-003)

 These items will be sold on October 31th this month at 10 PM (JST)


For the reason that the number of face and body are limited,

we only sell face for customers who buy the body.


Features of CYCLOID-Face

Furthermore, also thanks to the similar patent, we can change doll face, artificial eyes as well as the dolls look.


About Class-A Quality

After face parts are made, we sort out only 10 % of them that have the best quality (Class-A).

We keep 40 % of doll parts that meet the standard (Class-B) and remove 50 % that is under standard (Class-C).

 This year we plan to sell only 4 face. (Next year, more dolls will be sold following our plan).


Features of CYCLOID-Eyes

For the eyes and lens , you can insert and remove it easily, so the printed iris can be put into doll eyes. Then, you can enjoy the beauty of the iris chosen by you.


About face make up

After peeling off  Parting-Lines, we will make the surface become rough by rubbing Sandpaper (Sponge Paper).

We use Flat Clear Paint to coat face. And then we will start to makeup such as drawing eyebrows, adding colors on face…. .This process is repeated for several times.

In 3 styles of the makeup please choose 1style which you like best and send to us by email. Then our makeup artist will discuss with you and make up as your order. After that we will take photos and send to you. If you satisfied we will give that face soon from Vietnam Post Office.


One set includes:

- The completed Doll face (finished Makeup) and Eyes set.

    (Body, back of head, wig, outfits are not included. Please buy them separately at different pages)

- Balloon Carry for Head (Convenient carry by air).


Product Details

- The Face part is resin cast.

- The Eyes are original Acrylic.

- The Iris is printed paper.

- Inner Parts are special hard resin cast, rubber and metal spring.


Do not peel off too strongly at the surface, the face was made up carefully and lightly. So, when you want to assemble the face into body, please hold at ear.

In case dolls are out of order or broken. Please send to us questions of how to prepare them. We will tell you the techniques for free. Also we will post the video of how to repair dolls on YouTube.

The parts for repairing are also sold at our store.

140 USD