Corset-like Dressy Shirt (Dark Silver) OS-191

Corset-like Dressy Shirt (Dark Silver) OS-191

outfit brand : hitch
designed by OANH OANH

A long sleeves dressy shirt made up with asymmetry cuttings.
Front side and back side of the body are attached with diagonal raffles. The raffle on back side is diagonally cut, based on the idea of Ao Dai. On one side, there is a corset-like lace-up.

The shirt can be mixed with skirts of similar color (such as Dressy Skirt (Dark Silver) OS-193) to look like a dress, or with many types of pants to form up a mannish dressing.

- Satin (Silver)
- Chiffon (Silver)
- Shine knit and others

* Product size is made as requested.
* The material and color can be changed as your order.
* Order-made cost is already included.
* The product will be the only item that is listed in the title. Other items and the doll shown in the photo are only examples of coordinates.
* Placement of the pattern will be random for each product. (Photograph is a sample only).

52 USD