(BIG SALE) Colocasia Coat (Light gray / Silver) & thin black tie (OS-187)

(BIG SALE) Colocasia Coat (Light gray / Silver) & thin black tie (OS-187)

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outfit brand : hitch
designed by PHUNG HUONG

A dress coat with big waveform collar like Colocasia leaves, bordered by satin piping.
* Fasten on front side. Both cuffs have slits.

- Mixed cashmere
- Satin (silver / piping)
- Satin (silver lining cloth)

* The collar of sample in the photo is a little small, it can be made as big as OS-51 with the folding covering the whole shoulder. Please order the size you would like.

* Coat size is made as requested.
* The material and color can be changed as your order.
* Order-made cost is already included.
* The product will be the only item that is listed in the title. Other items and the doll shown in the photo are only examples of coordinates.
* Placement of the pattern will be random for each product. (Photograph is a sample only).

49 USD