Balloon Carry for Body (CY-019)

Balloon Carry for Body (CY-019)

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Features of Balloon Carry for Body

This Tool invented for carrying important things such as Doll body.

Dolls with size of 50-65cm can be wrapped inside tightly.

Size is suitable when storing inside large suitcase or camera stand baggage.

(Even when carrying by airplane, the air also can’t extract outside.)


How to use Balloon Carry

It is enclosed with a small straw that can insert the air.

Once the air inserted inside, it can keep this state for 3 years. The air doesn’t extract outside.

When the air extract, just use straw to insert the air and block closely.


Product Details

The sheet size – 69cm (27.17inch) × 52cm (20.47inch) × 1

Thin Straw diameter 4mm (0.158 inch) × 1

Band Length 40 cm (15.75 inch) × 2

(Band colors are random)



If pushed with sharp things, the hole will appear.

Keep away from cats.

14 USD