AO DAI "Innocent Flower" (OS-234)

AO DAI "Innocent Flower" (OS-234)

outfit brand : hitch
designed by PHUONG MAI

This is Ao Dai, the traditional clothes of Vietnam. One set includes one "Nón lá" (Conical straw hat, size: 14.5cm), one dress with knot buttons attached, and pants.

* This white dress is characteristic of Vietnamese high school students, so there are no decorative knot buttons. If you want, we can attach them on. Please specify when sending us the order size sheet.
* The "Nón lá" in the sample picture is in size 11.5cm. Because there are dolls with larger head, size 14.5cm is recommended. If you would like to change back to the size 11.5cm, please state so when replying to our mail.

- Silk

* Product size is made as requested.
* The material and color can be changed as your order.
* Order-made cost is already included.
* The product will be the only item that is listed in the title. Other items and the doll shown in the photo are only examples of coordinates.
* Placement of the pattern will be random for each product. (Photograph is a sample only).

80 USD